About us

We are a friendly, family run business based in Lincolnshire. A member of our family, Mo, lost his sight a few months after he was born. As he was growing up Mo struggled to use technology and the support available to blind and partially sighted people was very poor. Despite excellent family help, there was not much specialist support available and we found this very frustrating and disheartening.  We realised how much help and support was needed in the visually impaired community.

As time went on, we faced more and more advanced problems and a lot of the knowledge that Mo gained over the years was mainly self taught. Mo’s brother Omar then decided to do a degree in Computer Science to further his knowledge, which he passed with first class honours. After gaining this degree his experience in solving technical issues grew immensely. 

It was at this point, as we became more knowledgeable, we were contacted by many people in the visually impaired community in the UK and abroad, with regards to solving their problems. We managed to help them very successfully and have had some lovely feedback for our high level of expertise. People have also shown great appreciation of our caring and efficient attitude.

We felt passionate about helping visually impaired people with issues that they couldn’t solve and really wanted to make a difference to their lives.

Our mother Taira encouraged us and inspired us to set up a business. With her wealth of managerial experience, tenacity and high standards in everything she does, she was a huge asset to our start up, without her hard work, dedication and input we would not be where we are today and we will always in debt to her. She has taught us to care and help people and always make that our top priority. She is a true inspiration to us and this is why we have named the company after her.

Since setting up the business it has gone from strength to strength and we hope our success will continue.

We love hearing from people, please don’t hesitate to contact us with your query no matter how small. Every customer is important to us, and your satisfaction is our priority.