Accessible Laptops and Computers

Looking for a computer? Look no further. At Taira Technology, we take the hassle out of choosing which computer is most suitable for you and which accessible software is best for you. We have a variety of computer form factors to choose from.

The 6 Dot Labeler with tape coming out of the back.

6Dot Braille Label Maker

If you find it hard to use a standard dymo gun to produce labels, we have the ideal solution for you! The 6dot Braille Label Maker is ergonomically designed label maker which is portable and easy to use. It has a built-in Perkins style Braille keyboard…

BlindShell Classic 2

The BlindShell Classic 2 mobile phone is an easy to use talking mobile phone. The phone is operated via the easy to feel, tactile physical keypad or by using your voice. Feedback is provided by the built-in synthetic voice, vibrations and additional acoustic signals/sounds.

SpeedDots Tactile Screen Protector for iPhones and iPads

The SpeedDots cover is a clear screen protector (with tactile dots) which you can apply to your iPhone/iPad screen. It makes the iPhone/iPad easier to use if you are visually impaired.

Rivo Keypad for iOS and Android devices

 The Rivo keyboard is a credit card sized device which connects to your iPhone or Android mobile phone via Bluetooth. It allows you to control your device exclusively via the keyboard.

Accessible Phones and Tablets

It can be hard to find a smartphone/tablet solution that is just right for you. At Taira Technology, we take the hassle out of searching endlessly for your perfect solution. Whether you require a phone with buttons that reads everything on screen, or a touch screen phone with markings to make navigation easier, we can help.

Raspberry Pi Packages

Ideal for hobbyists, the Raspberry Pi is a credit card sized computer which can be mains or battery powered. You can use the Pi to power many projects, from hosting your own website to feeding your cat! Because of the excellent work carried out by Mike Ray from the Raspberry VI Project, the Raspberry Pi can now be supplied fully configured for the visually impaired.