Are you looking for an easy to use mobile phone which is modern, future proof, supports modern apps and has buttons? Look no further!

The BlindShell Classic 2 mobile phone is an easy to use 4G mobile phone (available in black or red). The phone is operated via the easy to feel, tactile physical keypad or by using your voice. Feedback is provided by the built-in synthetic voice, vibrations and additional acoustic signals/sounds.

BlindShell Classic 2 features

The phone includes the following features:

Basic Features

  • Calls app for making and receiving phone calls.
  • Messaging app for sending and receiving text messages.
  • Contacts app for storing and managing contacts.
  • Email app to send and receive emails.
  • Web Browser to surf the internet.
  • Speed dial to easily call up to 10 contacts.
  • An SOS button. When pressed, the phone will call a specified emergency contact.

Daily Aids

  • Alarm clock. You can set a single alarm or multiple alarms per day. The phone also has a minute timer and stop watch.
  • Calendar to track events and appointments.
  • Notes which enables you to write text notes.
  • Voice recorder to record audio notes.
  • An accessible calculator.
  • Weather app to tell you the latest weather.
  • Dictionary to look up words or translate words between languages.
  • Unit converter to convert between different units of measurement.
  • Colour detector.

Multi-Media features

  • Book reader for listening to text files.
  • Music player for playing MP3 files and audio books.
  • Internet and FM Radio for listening to local and online radio stations.
  • YouTube app to watch/listen to YouTube videos.

Miscellaneous Features

  • Flash light feature to turn the phone into a torch.
  • Control the phone with your voice. You can dictate texts and open apps.
  • Favourite applications. The phone includes a dedicated button which displays a menu so you can access your most frequently used applications.
  • Support for hearing aids which meet the M3/T3 specification.

Supported third party apps

The phone currently supports the following third party apps:

  • Telegram Messaging App to send and receive text and voice messages.
  • Whatsapp Messenger App to make and receive voice/video calls, and send and receive text messages.
  • Amazon shopping app.
  • Be My Eyes to obtain sighted assistance via your phone’s camera.
  • Facebook Messenger Lite to send and receive messages via the Facebook platform.
  • Google Lookout which you can use to recognise objects around you, read documents and identify food items.
  • Shazam music recognition.
  • Skype Lite Messenger to make and receive calls via skype, and send and receive text messages.
  • BBC Sounds for accessing BBC radio and catch up services.
  • Zoom video conferencing to enable you to host and attend meetings hosted on Zoom.
  • Audible for listening to Amazon audio books.
  • Spotify music player.
  • Talking Newspapers which enables access to local and national talking newspapers.
  • A selection of accessible games.

More apps are being added to the BlindShell library all the time. If you are looking for a specific app and it is not listed, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will try to find out if your chosen app is supported.

Video Review and Demonstration

BlindShell Beep object locator

Find your personal belongings easily! The BlindShell Beep object locator helps finding personal objects such as keys, bags or wallets much easier. Simply place the beeper on the object and use the BlindShell phone to ring the beeper. The object locator is powered by 1 CR2032 battery. Battery life is 1 to 2 years.

Reasons to buy from us

If you purchase the BlindShell Classic from us, you will receive the following benefits at no extra cost:

  • Three hours training and technical support on arrival via telephone, Skype or Zoom to help you get started with the phone.
  • We can transfer contacts from your existing mobile phone at no extra cost if you send your phone into us.
  • We can insert your existing sim card into the BlindShell for you or supply a pay as you go sim card on your preferred network.
  • We can add contacts into the phone before despatch if you provide a list of names and telephone numbers.
  • We supply a getting started guide available in large print, braille, audio CD, USB memory stick or via email.
  • We supply a 32GB micro SD memory card with each purchase so you don’t run out of space on the phone’s internal memory.
  • We provide UK based technical support and 24 months warranty.

Included in the box

In the box, you will find the following items.

  • The BlindShell Classic mobile phone.
  • A charging cradle which can be used to charge your phone, excellent for those people who are unable to easily plug the USB charger into the phone.
  • A set of in ear headphones.
  • UK mains plug and a reversible USB C cable for charging.
  • An adhesive pad which you can use to stick your blind shell cradle down if needed.
  • Three NFC tags which you can use to mark objects.
  • A lanyard strap that can be attached to the phone.

Mobile phone specifications.

The BlindShell Classic 2:

  • Measures 135.2mm x 54.6mm x 16.7mm, and weighs 149 grams.
  • Has a 2.83 inch TFT colour screen. Please note: this is not a touch screen.
  • 16GB internal storage, expandable via micro SD card. The phone supports cards up to 128GB in size.
  • 2GB Ram.
  • Two micro sim card slots with 3G and 4G support.
  • A rear facing 13MP camera.
  • Support for NFC.
  • Support for Bluetooth 4.2 and Wireless a/b/g/n/ac.
  • Dual microphone with noise cancellation.
  • Headphone socket for private listening.
  • Battery capacity measures 3000 mAh and should provide enough power for 1 to 2 days average use.

Price and accessories

All prices exclude VAT.

The BlindShell Classic 2 costs £439.99 excluding VAT. This price includes postage.

The following accessories are also available:

  • A protective TPU case. This case is ideal for protecting the back and sides of the phone, but leaves the front exposed for easy access. Please Note: these cases are only available in black at present. This case costs £19.99.
  • A flip case which opens like a book and protects the phone on all sides. This case costs £29.99.
  • NFC Tags.
    • 10 tags: £14.99.
    • 30 tags: £29.99.
    • 50 tags: £39.99.
  • Audible Blind Shell Beep locator.
    • 1 locator: £29.99.
    • 2 Locators: £49.99.
    • 3 locators: £59.99.
  • Replacement charging cradle: £29.99.
  • Replacement lanyard: £9.99.
  • Replacement battery: £29.99.

Please contact us to place your order.

Accessory Gallery

Below are the images for our accessories. Please press the image if you would like to view it in full resolution.

TPU Case Front

TPU Case Back

Flip Cases (Black and Red)

Flip Case Front

Flip Case Back

Flip Case Open

NFC Tags

BlindShell Beep Package

BlindShell Beep Unit

Charging Cradle

BlindShell Lanyard

BlindShell Battery