The Raspberry Pi is a credit card sized computer which can be mains or battery powered. It has various options for connecting peripherals including a wired Ethernet port and Wi-Fi for a network connection, Bluetooth and 4 USB ports on the latest models for peripherals such as keyboards/mice. It also has an audio out jack for plugging in headphones and an HDMI connection for connecting to a television or monitor. It runs the free open source Linux operating system from an SD card, and best of all, it is very low cost.

Why would I want one?

The Raspberry Pi is extremely versatile. Because of its small size and minimal power requirements, people have used it to:

  • Build robots.
  • Operate surveillance systems.
  • Run radio station broadcasts.
  • Run a telephone switchboard.
  • Host websites.
  • Share files.
  • Store files using a personal cloud.
  • Automate pet feeders.

How accessible are they for the visually impaired?

Because of the excellent work carried out by Mike Ray from the Raspberry VI Project, the Raspberry Pi can now be supplied fully configured for the visually impaired. The Raspberry Pi can be supplied running a screen reader but can also be managed via Windows using a secure shell program called PuTTY.

What configurations can you supply?

We can supply the Raspberry Pi in many different configurations depending on what you’d like to do with it. We can provide any hardware of your choice (such as a keyboard and mouse) and install your preferred software depending on your requirements.

We can also provide remote support and training. Please contact us today and we will be more than happy to provide you with further information.