Many visually impaired people find an iPhone or iPad difficult to use because of the lack of tactile markings on the screen. If you are one of these people, this product is for you! The SpeedDots cover is a clear screen protector (with tactile dots) which you can apply to your iPhone or iPad’s touch screen. While Apple has done a great job making touch screen devices fully accessible to blind and visually impaired users, simply placing raised dots on the surface of the screen in a few key locations can help individuals input text and information accurately and confidently!

Apple, along with many third-party developers, typically place buttons in the same locations, which we are subsequently able to mark with a small, raised braille dot. These tiny dots can be easily felt, but in no way obstruct a sighted person’s view of the screen, as our screen protectors are clear. This makes it easy for you to share your phone with sighted friends, colleagues or family members without interfering with your phone’s operation. You do not need to know braille to use this product.

What does each dot represent?

The iPad and iPhone screen protectors are marked with dots, some of which are in the following areas:

  • Top left dot: Back/Cancel.
  • Top right dot: OK/Done/Cancel.
  • Top middle dot: Search box.
  • Dot below OK: Add button for adding contacts.
  • Middle dot on it’s own: Number 5, with a dot below it for 0.
  • Middle right hand dot: Where the “Send” button is located when sending SMS messages.
  • The bottom half of the protector contains 24 dots for the keyboard. Each key has a dot on every key (except the letters J and F). This means you can quickly find the F and J as a starting point when typing.
  • The 5 dots along the bottom represent the dock.

Supported models and variations.

SpeedDots screen protectors are available for iPhones and iPads released after October 2011. We also offer models with less markings for those people who do not need markings on the keyboard, but still need other keys to be marked such as the back/OK buttons. Some people also prefer to type using braille screen input, which converts the iPhone’s screen into a Perkins style braille keyboard. We can supply screen protectors with a dot layout which should ease typing when using braille screen input.

Pricing and how to order.

iPhone screen protectors are available for £19.99.

iPad screen protectors are available for £44.99.

Please contact us to place your order so we can discuss your requirements and supply the correct screen protector for your needs. You can also send your device into us and we will apply the screen protector for you.