Taira Technology Label Printer

An Articles for the Blind label on an envelope.

Visually impaired people often struggle to print off address labels reliably and consistently. When using Word label templates for example, the addresses are often printed at a slant, printed in the wrong place, or not printed in the correct position on a label. Visually impaired individuals often have to rely on sighted assistance (from people who may not always be available) to write on the label in pen, hoping the handwriting and address is legible.

Taira Technology Label Printer is a program that enables a visually impaired person to print address labels consistently, reliably and independently (without sighted help). The program can print addresses on pre-printed “Articles for the Blind” labels, such as those sold by the RNIB, and on several blank label types.

A small label on a CD case.


  • Print addresses with the header of your choice. For example, when using a sheet containing four labels per sheet, the program can print an Articles for the Blind header for you (in compliance with Royal Mail guidelines). You can also print Free Matter for the Blind headers or create your own custom headers to be printed.
  • When using a sheet which contains more than one label, the program will enable you to specify which addresses to print on which label. You can also copy header and address information to more than 1 label using the copy function.
  • Print your entire address book at once with your chosen label options. This can be useful when sending parcels to multiple recipients.
  • Create multiple address books. For example, you could have one address book for home use and one for business use.
  • Add temporary addresses and headers. This can be useful if the address and header information does not need to be saved.
  • Print labels without a sender or a recipient address. This can be useful if you want to print one address and handwrite the other address at a later stage.
  • Select and copy addresses between address books.
  • Change the location where your address books are stored. For example, you could store your address books in Dropbox to ensure they are always backed up.
  • The program can be used on up to three computers.
  • No subscription to Microsoft Office required, the program works independently.
  • Compatible with most inkjet and laser printers.

We have tried to ensure that Taira Technology Label Printer works with as many printers as possible. Regardless of if your printer is inkjet or laser, you can insert an A4 sheet of labels into your printer and print off a label independently using our software.

Screenshots of the Taira Technology Label Printer interface.

Supported label types

Taira Technology Label Printer supports the following labels:

  • Articles for the Blind labels, such as those sold by RNIB.

  • Labels measuring 4 by 6 inches (101.6mm by 152.4mm) in size.

  • 4 labels which are supplied on an A4 sheet. Each label measures 139mm by 99.1mm in size (which covers a quarter of the page). You can print sender addresses, recipient addresses and label headers on these labels. The label codes for these labels are L7169 and J8169.

  • 8 labels which are supplied on an A4 sheet. Each label measures 99.06mm by 67.73mm in size. You can use these to print recipient addresses or the text of your choice. The label codes for these labels are J8165 and L7165.

A Free Matter for the Blind label on a brown cardboard box.

Trying Taira Technology Label Printer before purchase

We would recommend that you try Taira Technology Label Printer before purchasing the program. This will enable you to see how the program works, and offer you the chance to print some test labels. The trial version of the program is fully functional, but it does not allow you to make changes to addresses or label headers. The trial version does not require installation. If you receive a prompt from Windows to ask if you are sure you’d like to run the program, click on the “more info” option, then the “run anyway” option to run the program. Click here to download a trial version of Taira Technology Label Printer.

Purchase Taira Technology Label Printer

At the moment, Taira Technology Label Printer is only available to customers who are based in the UK. If you would like to purchase Taira Technology Label Printer, you can do so below. 1 license can be used on up to 3 computers. If you purchase more than 1 copy, you will be able to use the license on more than 3 computers. For example, if you purchase 3 copies of the program at once, you will be able to use the same serial number on up to 9 computers.

The program costs £64.99 per license.

You can pay for the program over the phone, via bank transfer, or via PayPal.

If you’d like to purchase Taira Technology Label Printer via PayPal, please click here to complete your purchase.

If you would like to pay for your order over the phone or via bank transfer, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 03432897501, or click here to contact us via email.

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