Training and Technical Support

At Taira Technology, we offer a cost effective technical support, training and health check service, to solve any problems you may have with your technology. Whether you need assistance getting to grips with a product or have problems with a device, we can help.

Braille Transcription

At Taira Technology, we offer Braille transcription services in your preferred Braille format. We have a highly skilled team who are able to re-format and convert almost any document into Braille. We aim to provide a fast, affordable Braille transcription service that doesn’t compromise on accuracy or quality.

Product Sourcing

Sometimes, it is hard to know which product will be right for your needs. At Taira Technology, we can source a large variety of products from many reputable suppliers, including products that might be difficult to get hold of.

TVOnics Servicing

If your talking TVOnics set top box is no longer functioning as it should, we can help. We are pleased to offer a repair “Service” for TVOnics DTR-Z500HD and DTR-HD500 models. Refurbished set top boxes may also be available subject to stock.